All research is done in the Science Center.

Research Effect Extra Details Special Requirements
Agriculture Increases food production by 10% each level Requires a Farm of equivalent level
Woodcraft Increases Lumber Production by 10% each level Requires a Lumbermill of equivalent level
Masonry Increases Stone Production by 10% each level Requires a Quarry of equivalent level
Alloys Increases Metal production by 10% each level Requires a Mine of equivalent level
Clairvoyance Spies report more details once researched
Level Info Gathered
1 Vague idea of resources.
2 Exact number of resources.
3 Vague idea of number of troops.
4 Exact number of troops.
7 Vague idea of how much research done.

Knowledge of how much research done.

*** Not all numbers reported in Sentinal Warmings are correct; larger numbers are usually reported in warnings. ***
Rapid Deployment Increases Troops' Marching Speed by 5% -
Weapons Calibration Increases Ranged Weapons' Reach by 5% -
Metallurgy Increases Troops' Attack and Defense by 5% Requires a Metalsmith of equivalent level.
Medicine Increases Troops' Health by 5% Level 6 Science Center
Dragonry Increases speed of SSDs and BDs by 5% each level Requires a Rookery of equivalent Level
Levitation Build Buildings 10% Faster each level achieved Requires Level 5 Woodcraft
Mercantilism Increases the maximum number of trades you can do at once. Requires Level 1 Levitation
Aerial combat Each level increases your dragon's attack ability. Requires all 4 parts of dragon armor and lv8 Dragonory.